How To Raise Child: Children growing up in small families may face some unique challenges!


Family plays an important role in the development of children. The upbringing of children has always been given importance by the elders. But in today's time, the concept of the nuclear family has increased a lot. Where couples start their own family by living separately from the family.  


There is no doubt that by living like this, the husband and wife get enough time to spend with each other. But nuclear families are not very ideal from the point of view of raising children. Why is this so? You can understand this here from Vishal Bhardwaj, relationship coach and founder of Predictions for Success.

Decreased social development

In nuclear families, children have fewer opportunities to form close relationships with siblings or other children. This can impede their social development. They may find it difficult to develop social skills, make friends, and resolve conflict.

Loneliness and stress

In nuclear families, children can experience loneliness and stress. This is because, in a nuclear family, there are not many people to care for and play with the child. This can affect their ability to cope with stressful situations and develop self-esteem.


When parents are busy at work and cannot pay enough attention to their children, they may make bad decisions or engage in bad behavior. They may start going to the wrong places, hanging out with the wrong friends, or getting involved in risky activities to get attention or have fun.

Solve the problem like this

To overcome these challenges, parents should try to spend quality time with their children, support them, and help them develop independence and responsibility. They can also provide children with social opportunities and opportunities to interact with other children.