How to make the new daughter-in-law feel comfortable in her in-laws' house?


Saas Bahu Relation: When a new daughter-in-law comes to her in-laws' house for the first time, she feels a little uncomfortable because she does not know about the future, whether she will be able to adjust to the new house or not. This is the reason why many times the newlywed girl is very scared. She is most afraid of whether she will be able to adjust to her mother-in-law or not. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the boy's mother to make the bride feel comfortable so that she adjusts as soon as possible.

How should a mother-in-law treat her new daughter-in-law?

In our society, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is portrayed as bitter, so it becomes difficult for the mother-in-law to break this stereotype. But if you move forward with a positive approach, then the relationship will become sweeter. Let us know how you should behave with your daughter-in-law as an understanding mother-in-law.


1. Treat your daughter-in-law like a daughter

First of all, you have to treat your daughter-in-law like a daughter. Just like you forgive your daughter's big and small mistakes, you have to do the same with your new bride. Never taunt her about whether her parents have not taught her anything before sending her. 

2. Give a gift to your daughter-in-law

When the bride comes home after marriage, the mother-in-law should welcome her with a gift. This can be anything from clothes to jewelry. Girls love such small surprises. Through this, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can become sweeter.

3. Teach your daughter-in-law the ways

When a daughter-in-law comes to a new house, she does not know the environment there. In such a situation, the mother-in-law should very lovingly teach the new bride the ways of the family. For example, how late people wake up here and when to cook breakfast and food. What responsibilities do you have in the house, etc? In this way, she will not have to face any problems.

4. Do not burden yourself with responsibilities

Make sure to teach your daughter-in-law the ways of the new house. Also, take care not to put a heavy burden of responsibilities on the new bride all at once, because this will unnecessarily trouble her, which can have a bad effect on her mental health. Therefore, it will be good if you start by giving small responsibilities.

5. Take care of privacy

When the new bride comes to her in-laws' house, she wants to spend most of her time with her husband. In such a situation, the mother-in-law should take full care of the privacy of the new couple. Do not listen to the conversation between the two. If the son is taking his wife to the market or somewhere, then you should not go with her.