How to make the infamous paratha healthy for weight gain?


How To Make Paratha Healthy: People living in India have a great love for parathas. This is the reason why you must have seen parathas stuffed with potatoes, paneer, lentils, cabbage, peas, radish, and eggs in your home and market. But no matter how much you like this recipe, it is full of fat and harmful to health. In such a situation, how to enjoy your favorite food? Dr. Manan Vora told through a video on his Instagram account how you can make your paratha healthy and eat it.


Are parathas unhealthy?

Dr. Manan Vohra said, "Many people think that eating parathas will make them fat, you too might have thought after seeing someone that he must be eating a lot of parathas. If this were true, then Akshay Kumar would not have been fit today, but stuffing and cooking oil indeed make a lot of difference. Parathas are very high in carbs and fat, but very low in protein and fiber, these 2 nutrients are essential for weight loss."

Ways to make paratha healthy

According to Dr. Manan Vohra, "When you replace potatoes with chopped spinach, or radish, lentils or any plant-based protein in the stuffing of parathas, you are taking more protein, which is good for your body. If you replace wheat flour with almond and soya flour, your carbs are directly reduced by half. And finally, make sure to use ghee mindfully in preparing parathas and avoid cooking oil completely."