Tech Tips: How to make Gemini the default assistant in your phone, know here..


Google recently changed the name of its Bard chatbot to Gemini. Apart from this, Google has also launched a new Gemini app for Android users. With the help of the Gemini app, users can directly talk to the AI assistant and can also make it their personal default assistant. After becoming the default assistant, Gemini will become active by saying the Google Assistant command i.e. Hey Google, or by pressing and holding the home button, and will answer your questions. Google has added Duet AI features to Gemini and created Gemini Ultra 1.0 which is the company's most advanced and powerful AI model.


How to make Gemini the default assistant in your phone?
     First of all, go to Google Play Store and type Google Gemini and search.
     Now install the Gemini app.

     Now open the Gemini app and click on Get Started.

     After this accept the policy.

     Now you can use it and ask your questions.

     To make Gemini the default assistant, click on the profile picture shown at the top right side.

     Now go to Settings.

     Now click on the option of Digital assistants from Google.


     After this Gemini will become the default digital assistant for your phone.

     Later, if you want, you can also remove it from the default in the same way.

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