How To Check Hemoglobin: Low hemoglobin levels in the body are a serious sign of anemia.!


How To Check Hemoglobin: Low hemoglobin levels in the body are a serious sign of anemia. It is checked through a blood test. But soon it can be checked at home with the help of a smartphone. 


Anemia means lack of blood in the body. In this, red blood cells stop forming in the body and the level of hemoglobin decreases. When this happens, many symptoms are seen in the body including weakness, colorless skin. But usually people do not pay attention to this, due to which they soon have to visit the hospital.

But now you will be able to monitor the blood level in your body from the comfort of your home. According to the NCBI report , researchers have developed a method with the help of which the level of hemoglobin in the blood can be detected through a smartphone and an application.

what is hemoglobin

Hemoglobin is a protein found in red blood cells, which works to deliver oxygen to the cells of the body. Its low level can be a sign of anemia. Hemoglobin less than 13.5 g/dL in men and less than 12.0 g/dL in women indicates anemia. In children, this value can vary according to age.

How can you check hemoglobin on your smartphone?

This new technology works without any needle or blood drawn. In this, the person has to take a picture of his fingernails through a smartphone app. Then the app estimates the level of hemoglobin by analyzing the color of the part under the nail in the picture.

People will use it soon

This technology is still in the early stages of development, but in the future it can make the diagnosis of diseases like anemia much easier. This can especially benefit people living in areas where medical facilities are limited.

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