How much salary does a train driver get and how many hours he works? Click here to know


All of you must have traveled by train. With this, you must have seen that there is a loco pilot running the train in the train, whose job is very difficult. Today we are going to give you information about the same, how many hours they have to work and what salary they get for this.


Be it winter, summer, rain, or any festival of any kind, loco pilots always have to do their duty, even a small mistake can kill thousands of people, so they have to work very attentively.

How many hours does a train driver work?

A loco pilot has to work for many hours. Their salary is more than that of a software engineer. The daily routine of these people working 24 hours is not fixed. These people are given a roster of 14 days, out of which only 2 are given rest. They have to work for about 104 hours.


A loco pilot, after leaving home once, is able to return to his home only after 3-4 days. After coming to the entry-level, the post of Loco Pilot is Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP). It comes at level 2 of the 7th commission. They get an allowance on train running of 100 km. They are also paid for doing overtime of more than 104 hours in 14 days of their duty.

Salary of Loco Pilot

A loco pilot also gets Night Duty Allowance, Holiday Allowance, Dress and Leave Allowance. Their salary is also very high. When these ALPs get promoted to senior loco pilots, sometimes their salary goes up to more than one lakh rupees.