How much gold can you keep at home? Know the rules!


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People in India often like to invest in gold. Especially women are very fond of gold. But there are some rules related to how much gold you can keep at home, about which it is better for you to know. Let us know what those rules are and how much gold you can keep at home.

There is no limit

The Government of India or the Income Tax Department has not set any limit on how much gold you can keep at home. That means any person can keep any amount of gold. But it is important for you to have proof of where he got the gold.


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Therefore, while buying gold, it is necessary to have its bill. Because it is important to have the document with you when you are asked. Because if you fail to provide proof during this period then your gold can be confiscated.

Know the rules of CBDT

If you have valid documents then you can keep any amount of gold. But according to the Central Board of Direct Taxes i.e. CBDT, a limit has also been issued regarding keeping gold at home. If you have gold up to that limit, you do not even need to show documents.

A married woman can keep up to 500 grams of gold with herself. Whereas if the woman is not married then she can keep up to 250 grams of gold. Men can keep only 100 grams of gold without valid documents. If you want to keep more gold than this limit. So then it will be necessary for him to tell his source.