How does it feel when drugs reach inside the body? Click here to know


The Narcotics Bureau has also arrested Shahrukh Khan's son and three other people in connection with the drugs party. Apart from this, 8 people have also been arrested. Many issues related to drugs keep coming up in Bollywood.

The names of many Bollywood celebs have also appeared in this before. Some Bollywood celebs have also accepted the trend of drugs. That's why today we are going to tell you about how the drug feels when it goes inside the body.

Let us tell you that different types of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, LSD, etc. affect your brain. It affects your ability to think and understand. Not only this, but it can also spoil your mental state. Those who use it get addicted to it in no time.

Drugs stimulate the brain, as soon as the effect of drugs reaches the mid part of the human brain, it starts working in the circuit of pleasure activities. The mid part of the brain is activated due to sex, food, music, etc., and due to drugs, it becomes highly active and the person consuming it starts feeling very high.

The person feels that he is full of energy. He is cut off from the surrounding environment and forgets the things that give him tension. Fatigue and sleepiness disappear for some time due to the effect of drugs.

How do drugs affect which organs?

Drugs spoil your mental state. Apart from this, it affects the brain, lungs, heart, and stomach in the body. Apart from this, sometimes heart failure is also seen. Pneumonia occurs due to congestion in the lungs. By consuming it, the person stops feeling hungry. After this other diseases start.