Household Tips: Do you also have a burning sensation in your hands after cutting green chilies, these tips will give relief!


Photo credit: hindi.lifeberrys

Do you feel a burning sensation while chopping green chilies? This is common because capsaicin, a substance present in green chilies, is a spice that can burn our eyes as well as refresh our intestines. But you need not worry, here are some methods that can help you get relief from this burning sensation:

Yogurt: You can apply a little Bengali yogurt or even a few drops of raw milk to get relief from the burning sensation. This will help in calming the burning sensation of the green chilies.


Photo credit: hindi.lifeberrys

Honey: A small amount of honey can also help reduce the burning sensation. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of honey, it is able to reduce the burning sensation.

Lemon or Lime: Lemon or Lime can help in reducing the burning sensation. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of lemon, it can reduce irritation and swelling.


Photo credit: hindi.lifeberrys

Ice Cube: Ice cubes can be used to get rid of the burning sensation of chilies in the hands. For this, if you rub the ice cube lightly in your hands for a few minutes, then the burning sensation can go away.