Home Sanitization: To protect against Omicron, then clean the house like this


Home Cleaning Tips: In Corona, you should take great care of cleanliness. Sanitize the doors, tables, and handles of the house thoroughly daily. Follow these cleaning methods to avoid germs and infections.

Omicron Coronavirus: The third wave of Corona has troubled people. In metros like Delhi and Mumbai, cases of the new coronavirus Omicron are increasing rapidly. In such a situation, once again the war of people with this virus has started. Given the increasing cases of infection, homes, offices, and hospitals are being sanitized. If you keep coming out of the house, then you should know how important home sanitization is to avoid corona. You should adopt the right method for home cleaning so that the infection can be prevented from coming home. Today we are telling you the right way of cleaning to avoid the coronavirus and other germs. You must follow these tips.
How to protect the home from corona infection

1- How to clean doors, windows, and tables- It is important to clean the doors, windows, tables, switchboards, sinks, and door handles of the house daily to keep the virus away from the house during the corona period. You use Dissolution to clean these things. You can make it at home also. To make the dissolution, mix 1 teaspoon Dettol or 1 teaspoon Lysol in 1 mug of water. Now clean everything from it.

2- How to clean the floor of the house- You must regularly clean the house. Mop the floor daily. The floor is the dirtiest in the house. People coming from outside come inside wearing shoes or sandals, due to which the floor comes in contact with the virus. To clean the floor, you can use Lysol or Phenyl in water instead of plain water. This kills germs and viruses.

3- How to clean carpets and curtains- Carpets and curtains in the house also keep getting dirty. These things are not cleaned daily, due to which most bacteria accumulate here. If you want to keep the house safe from viruses and germs, then definitely clean the carpets and curtains. You can clean them with soapy water. If you use hot water then it is even better. After cleaning, dry them thoroughly in the sun.

4- How to clean hands- To avoid corona, you also need to take great care of hand hygiene. Either wear gloves while cleaning the house or wash hands thoroughly with soap for about 20 seconds after cleaning. To avoid corona, you should keep washing your hands. If you are not able to wash your hands, then definitely do hand sanitization.

5- What precautions should be taken in lifting the garbage- The dustbin contains the most bacteria. Whenever you touch the dustbin, make sure to clean your hands thoroughly. Wear gloves while emptying the dustbin. Wash hands thoroughly with soap after touching garbage.

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