Home Remedies For Constipation: If Constipation has become a problem after Holi, then use these home remedies...


There is so much variety of food and drink in Holi that it becomes very difficult to stop yourself from eating them. The taste of sweet, salty, fried things is available in almost every household, and on the occasion of Holi Milan, people consume so much of them that they cause problems like indigestion, gas, acidity, and constipation. Looks like Due to constipation, the stomach is not cleaned properly, due to which one does not feel like eating anything and there is a feeling of strange restlessness. So these remedies can prove to be effective in getting rid of the problem of constipation as soon as possible.


Cumin and Oregano
This is a very effective home remedy to remove constipation. Roast cumin and carom seeds on low flame and grind them near it. Now mix black salt in this powder. Consume half a teaspoon of this powder with warm water daily.

Consuming honey is also a very effective formula to remove constipation. This is because honey has laxative properties, which ease the process of bowel movements.

Mix a little asafetida powder in a glass of warm water and crack it. This also cleans the stomach properly.

lemon and black salt
Mix black salt in the juice of half a lemon and drink it with lukewarm water in the morning on an empty stomach. Apart from constipation, other stomach-related problems will also go away.

Soak dried figs in water overnight and chew them in the morning. If you want, you can also consume it with milk. Consuming it continuously for 5-6 days will give relief from constipation.


Ghee and black pepper
In case of constipation, mix ground black pepper in desi ghee and eat it. Along with this, one hour before sleeping daily, you can also drink warm milk mixed with a little desi ghee.