Home Loan Foreclosure: Want to close home loan? First consider these 5 factors..


Home Loan Foreclosure: Buying a home is one of the most important investments you make in your lifetime. The meaning of buying a house is very deep. Buying a house is a symbol of a family's life journey and financial progress. However, along with the joy of buying a home also comes responsibilities like commitment to regular payment of installments, maintaining a good credit score, and managing finances effectively. Since a large section of the Indian population is dependent on home loans, it is important to understand the financial benefits of foreclosing your loan. Jairam Sreedharan, Managing Director of Piramal Finance, said that one must consider these 5 things before closing a home loan.

What is Foreclosure?
Foreclosure is when you pay the entire loan amount at once instead of making several smaller payments. It is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of closing your loan and choose the right time before making the lump sum payment. If you have a home loan with a floating interest rate, you can analyze the costs and benefits anytime. This is because you will not have to face additional charges for early loan closure, allowing you to make informed decisions about when to repay your loan. Consider these before closing a home loan.

Do your financial assessment properly
>>Do a comprehensive financial assessment before closing your home loan.
>>Calculate your current financial position including savings, investments, and upcoming expenses.
>>Make sure that prompt repayment of the loan is in line with your overall financial goals.

Prepayment Charges
Check the terms of your home loan agreement for prepayment charges. In fact, early repayment of some loans may result in a penalty. Understanding these charges will help you evaluate the cost-effectiveness of closing the loan and determine whether the penalty outweighs the benefits.

Impact on Credit Score
Closing a home loan can affect your credit score. It may seem counterintuitive, but closing a long-standing credit account can have a negative impact on your credit history. So, before closing a home loan, calculate the potential impact of this move on your credit score and consider alternative strategies to maintain a healthy credit profile.

Home loans can provide tax benefits provided you meet the eligibility criteria. Sections 24 and 80C of the Income Tax Act offer deductions on interest and principal repayment respectively. However, premature closure of the home loan means losing these benefits. In such a situation, we would advise that you assess your taxable income and determine whether there is an opportunity to save by using the deductions available under these sections of the Income Tax Act.


More scope for savings
Consider your long-term financial goals before you lock in your home loan. Evaluate whether the funds need to be used elsewhere such as investments, other loans or savings, etc. Consider whether closing a home loan better aligns with your objectives. Really taking a holistic approach to your financial planning ensures that foreclosure matches up with your financial strategy.

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