Home Insurance: Be it an earthquake or flood, don't take tension, just do this work!


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India has witnessed one of the most cruel scenes of nature in the last two months. Natural disasters like floods and landslides caused huge damage in Himachal Pradesh. Gujarat, Rajasthan, and other parts of the country are in the grip of floods. Due to this natural disaster, many people have had to leave their homes. Their houses were also washed away. They lost their loved ones. Due to this disaster in the country, citizens had to face problems in many places. More than 10 lakh people have been affected by floods in Assam. In such situations, home insurance comes in handy. In this scheme, compensation is provided if the house is damaged due to earthquake, flood, and natural disasters. This insurance may cover the loss. Of course, it is impossible to get your home back, but the damage can be repaired.

What will be covered?

Loss compensation is available through home insurance. Compensation is given in case of natural calamities like storms, hail, fire, lightning, flood, or earthquake. If the house gets damaged, the loss is compensated through this insurance. This insurance may cover losses in certain cases that are not covered under the Act. No compensation can be claimed in that also. Some companies offer discounts. This benefits the insured a lot.


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What is insurance?

Home insurance is an insurance policy. This scheme provides compensation for loss of house, your property, and belongings. This insurance plan is a plan just like any other insurance plan. Home insurance is known as homeowner insurance. Bungalows, apartments, and rented flats get insurance coverage. Financial compensation is given if the house gets damaged due to any kind of accident or natural disaster.

Make a claim for insurance

Riot, theft, vandalism, and destruction of property are also covered by home insurance. Damage may be caused by railway or road construction. The home insurer can make a claim if the house gets damaged due to a plane or any vehicle, explosion, fire, etc. A home insurance plan is also useful for household items.


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Opportunity to buy cheap insurance

Soon the central government will decide the commission of agents. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has decided to take over the control of the commission. If insurance becomes cheaper then the common man will also get insurance coverage. He can also buy cheap insurance.