Holika Dahan Time 2024: Shadow of Bhadra on Holika Dahan, know at which time puja should be done!



Holi will be celebrated on March 25, with the ritual of Holika Dahan or burning of Holika taking place on the first day. This year, there is some ambiguity regarding the timing of Holika Dahan due to the presence of Bhadra Kaal during the night, during which auspicious activities are traditionally avoided. According to astrology, the Bhadra period is considered inauspicious, because it is considered to be related to Bhadra, daughter of Lord Surya and sister of Saturn. Bhadra is considered to be as harsh and angry in nature as Saturn, hence there are restrictions on auspicious works during this period.

The auspicious time of Holika Dahan is scheduled from 11:15 pm to 12:30 am on March 24. After Holika Dahan, the festival of Holi playing with colours will begin. However, there is uncertainty about whether Holika Dahan will be performed this year due to the Bhadra period or not. According to religious texts, burning Holika during Bhadra Mukha is considered inauspicious, tantamount to inviting bad luck.

In Hindu mythology, Bhadra Mukha is believed to pass through all three worlds – earth, underworld and heaven. Therefore, it is important to avoid performing auspicious rituals during this period. Irrespective of Bhadra Mukha, the auspicious time of Holika Dahan is determined on the day of Pradosh Vyapini Purnima and it is advised to perform Holika Dahan after the end of Bhadra. However, if Bhadra extends till midnight, Holika Dahan can be performed during Bhadra Poonch. Nevertheless, it is strictly advised not to perform Holika Dahan during Bhadra Mukha, as it is considered inauspicious as per religious texts.