Holi Vastu 2024: You should also try these Vastu tips to play Holi, your luck will shine!



Holi is a festival of happiness. This festival increases the feeling of love and brotherhood among the people. On the day of Holi, everyone enjoys immersing themselves in the colors of fun. According to Vastu Shastra, there are some special tips for playing Holi with colors, following which brings positive changes in life and the festival of Holi becomes a festival of happiness in your life. Today's article will tell you about some easy tips related to Vastu, by adopting which you can make your Holi festival even more joyful.

Special Vastu tips to play Holi with colors:

According to Vastu Shastra, if you are celebrating Holi at home with family and friends, then keep in mind the direction while playing Holi at home. If the main door of your house opens towards the north then your house is north-facing. North-facing houses are best suited to play Holi with yellow, green, blue, and sky colors. Playing Holi with these colors removes the ongoing problems in life and brings positive energy to life.


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If your house is south-facing then you should play Holi with pink, purple, orange, and red colors. According to Vastu Shastra, doing this increases the confidence of the family members and also brings financial prosperity.


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If your house faces east, then while playing Holi at home, you should use dark colors like yellow, red, green, pink, and orange. According to Vastu Shastra, playing Holi with these colors increases respect and prosperity and if your house faces west then you should use light blue, golden, or white colors to play Holi. It is believed that doing this brings happiness, peace, and prosperity in life and all problems go away.