Holi Special Recipe: Make Chocolate Gujiya on Holi, know the recipe here...


Holi 2023: You too must have eaten a lot of Mawa's Gujiya since childhood. But, have you ever eaten chocolate gujiya? If not, then this year you can make chocolate gujiya at your home. It will also be liked by children very much because today's children like chocolate very much. Everyone will praise you after eating this. Along with eating it, it looks very tasty as well. So, without delay, let us tell you how to make chocolate gujiya.


Ingredients needed to make Chocolate Gujiya
2 cups flour
1 cup ghee
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup khoya
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
Chocolate3 of 6
1/2 cup chocolate cream
Dry Fruits
oil for frying
grated coconut
1 cup semolina

Chocolate Gujiya Recipe
To make Chocolate Gujiya, first of all, put ghee in a pan. After this add semolina in it and fry it well after roasting it well, keep it separately in a vessel. You put khoya, sugar, and coconut in the same pan and fry it well. After roasting it, cool the mixture. After the khoya cools down, add roasted semolina to it and mix it well.

Now knead the flour well by taking flour and water according to the requirement in a utensil. When it is kneaded well, make small balls out of it and roll it. Now like a normal gujiya, fill it with khoya and bake it.


Fry these gujiyas till they turn golden. When it is well-roasted, decorate it with chocolate cream. After this apply dry fruits to it. Now your chocolate dollies are ready to be served.