Holi Special: Make these snacks in an easy way on Holi, children will like it along with elders..


Holi 2023: The festival of Holi brings a lot of happiness. On this day people all around are seen immersed in colors. Hug each other and congratulate Holi. They go to each other's house to wish for Holi. Because of this, different types of food items are made in everyone's homes. People make sweets and many other dishes in their homes for relatives and guests. But, if you want your guests to praise the tasty snacks made by you, then this news of ours can help you.


Today we are going to tell you about some such tasty snacks, which by making at home, you will win the hearts of not only adults but also children. It is very easy to make these food items. For this, you will not need to work very hard.

Potli Samosa
If you are bored of eating simple samosas, then you can make potli samosas at home. To make this samosa papdi, you will need flour, salt, oil, and water. To make the samosa, first, knead the flour and keep it aside. Now take two boiled potatoes and mash them.

After this, heat oil in a pan and add potatoes, peas, paneer pieces, cashew pieces, raisins, coriander powder, red chili powder, salt, garam masala, and green coriander and mix well and fry. This mixture is ready.

Now, after preparing the stuffing for samosas, mash the kneaded flour with your hands once more, then break small balls and roll them lightly and fill them with stuffing by placing them on your palms. Now simply fold it like a potli. Similarly, prepare all the potli samosas and keep them for baking. Serve hot to your relatives.

Heart Shape Papdi Chaat
Along with children, elders also like to eat Papdi Chaat very much. To make it, first take out the flour, semolina, oil, salt, celery, water, and oil for frying. To prepare papdi dough, mix all-purpose flour and semolina and knead it by adding carom seeds, salt, and oil.


Now make small balls out of it. Roll them and cut them into the shape of a heart. Now fry it in hot oil. To make its toppings, boil boiled potatoes, tomatoes, moong, and black gram and keep them. To decorate papdi chaat, make it sweet by adding light sugar to the curd. Before serving, put all these on the papdi and add chaat masala, tamarind chutney, green chutney, and sev on it. With this papdi chaat is ready.