Holi Skin Care Tips: Make the skin damage proof like this before playing Holi, there will be no problem later


This time the festival of Holi will be celebrated on 8 March. The festival of colors is celebrated with pomp across the country. People celebrate this festival by dancing, singing, applying colour to each other and eating delicious dishes. Mostly chemical-rich colors are used to play Holi. Chemical-rich colors have a very bad effect on the skin. Color fills the pores. Many times rashes occur on the skin in the process of removing the colors of Holi. Because of this, pimples and pimples also start appearing on the skin.


In such a situation, we must prepare the skin before Holi. This will help to some extent in protecting the skin from the harm of chemical-rich colors. Let us know which methods you can try.

Use a moisturizer for the skin before playing Holi. You can use regular moisturizer. Coconut oil, almond oil and sesame oil can also be used as a moisturizer for the face and body. This will help in keeping your skin hydrated.

Make sure to use sunscreen for the skin. Chemical colors and harmful UV rays cause a lot of damage to the skin. Avoid using the scrub for the skin a few days before Holi.

Lip care
Before playing Holi, make sure to use lip balm for the lips. The use of lip balm for the skin prevents the loss of colors.

Ice cube
You can use ice cubes before playing Holi. Rub the face with an ice cube for 10 minutes. It works to close your pores. With this, it protects your skin from harmful colors.

Stay hydrated
During this, it is also very important to keep yourself hydrated. Keep drinking water from time to time. Have been taking juice. With this, you can avoid the outbreak of heat waves.


Wear a full-sleeve top, kurta and pants for Holi. Layers of such outfits will work to keep you safe from the colours. Make sure to use sunglasses for the eyes. They protect your eyes from the harm of harmful colors.