Holi Skin Care: Here's how you can protect your skin from the colors of Holi!


By the way, apply oil to your face and other parts of your body that you think may come in contact with the color, such as your face, ears, neck, and hands. Avoid using chemical-rich oils. Use natural oils like coconut oil and almond oil. Massage your body with one of these oils a day before the festival. Less color is absorbed and avoids staining, which is a major concern in Holi.


After playing with colors, make sure you remove them while they are still wet. Let me tell you, dry colors are difficult to remove and stay on your skin for a long time. To remove them, you should shower and gently scrub your skin with a loofah. To get rid of the colors from your hair, wash them with a less harsh shampoo.

For most of the day, it is likely that you are mostly in the sun. Along with colors, protect your skin from tanning as well. When going out in the sun, make sure you apply good sunscreen before going out.

By the way, you can tone your face to tighten your skin and reduce pores. The smaller your pores, the less likely harsh dyes are to be absorbed by your skin.


These tips will help you protect your skin from harsh colors during Holi. But make sure you consult your dermatologist if you experience skin irritation, scarring, and damage.