Holi Skin Care: Apply these things on the skin before playing Holi, there will be no risk of skin damage!



This year the festival of Holi will be celebrated on Monday, March 25. Whether young or old, everyone eagerly waits for the festival of Holi. People forget their old grudges and happily apply colors to each other. But there is also a risk of skin damage due to this. Therefore it is important to take care of the skin.

Holi colors may contain harmful chemicals which can harm the skin. Due to this, there is a fear of redness, burning sensation, itching, and rash on the skin. In such a situation, if you want to play Holi then you should apply some things on your face. Here we are telling you about those things that will protect your skin from damage.

Coconut oil:

You can apply coconut oil to your skin before sleeping. Wash your face before applying it. After this apply coconut oil on your face. This keeps the skin moisturized and the colors do not have any side effects.

Aloe Vera:

If you are going to play Holi then you can apply aloe vera gel on your face beforehand. This prevents damage to the skin caused by colors. Also, it moisturizes the skin. You can apply a layer of aloe vera gel on your face.

Petroleum jelly:

Let us tell you that you can also apply petroleum jelly on your skin before playing Holi. This will remove the colors of Holi easily. Besides, it will also protect the skin from becoming dry.


Before playing Holi, apply moisturizer to your face. This will create a protective layer on your face. Also, Holi colors will not harm the skin. Also, the skin remains hydrated. Apart from this, also apply sunscreen on the skin. It protects from sunlight and prevents the problem of tanning.