Holi Safety Tips: Keep children's attention while playing with colors, and celebrate safe Holi by adopting these methods...


Holi 2023 Safety Tips: Everyone from children to elders are excited about the festival of Holi. Children wait for Holi the most. On the occasion of Holi, children go out of the house with their pichkari and colors and play with colors with their friends. Some children fill the water a day or two in advance and start playing with a water bottle. However, in this enthusiasm of children, parents also do some carelessness, due to which the festival can be disturbed. In such a situation, if children are going to play Holi, then parents need to take many precautions so that children can celebrate the festival safely. Let us know what precautions parents should take for the safety of their children during Holi.


Don't play holi with balloons
On the occasion of Holi, people not only play Holi with pichkari and colors but also children play Holi with balloons. Holi balloons start selling in the market. These balloons are filled with water and color, which the children killed by throwing them at others. A sudden attack of a water-filled balloon can cause an accident. Advise and supervise children not to play with balloons on the occasion of Holi to avoid injuries or accidents.

Stay away from chemical colors
Gulal-Abir and strong colors are found in Holi. Most of the colors are chemical-based, which can cause harm to the skin and eyes. Play Holi with herbal colors instead of chemical colors. To protect children's eyes from colors, they can be made to wear colorful and funky goggles. Wear full sleeve clothes while playing Holi, so that the maximum of their skin is covered.

Caution in using organic color
To use chemical-free colors, you can buy organic colors from the market. But keep in mind that whether it is a synthetic color or organic color, it can prove dangerous if it goes inside the mouth and there can be a risk of food poisoning and infection.

Do not keep it wet for a long time
Children play Holi with wet colors and water from pichkari. Plays in wet clothes for hours. During Holi i.e. the season of March is between winter and summer. In this season, sometimes mild cold is felt and sometimes it is hot due to strong sunlight. This type of weather can be harmful to children. Do not let children stay in wet clothes for a long time and avoid playing Holi with water.