Holi 2024: Why is the moon worshipped on the night of Holi? Know its religious significance!



Holi is one of the major festivals of India which is celebrated not only across the country but also in different parts of the world. This popular festival lasts for two days. On the first day, Holika Puja is performed in the morning, followed by traditional Holika Dahan at an auspicious time in the evening. Holi involves playing with colours and water along with preparing various dishes and sweets to celebrate the festival the next day.

Do you know that there is a tradition of performing Chandra Darshan (Moon Puja) on the night of Holika Dahan? Offering Arghya to the Moon on this night is considered to have special significance. It is believed that worshipping the Moon on the night of Holika Dahan brings blessings of wealth, peace and prosperity.

How to perform Chandra Darshan Puja on Holi?

According to belief, on the night of Holika Dahan, the Moon should be worshipped at any place from where you can easily see the Moon. Take a silver plate (or any available plate if silver is not available) for puja. Keep some dates, makhana, sago kheer, white sweets, a pot full of milk, a ghee lamp and fragrant incense on the plate.

- Now light incense and lamp and pour milk while offering Arghya to the moon. After this, offer white sweets and sago kheer as prasad. Finally, pray to Moon God for peace, prosperity and blessings. Share dates and walnuts as prasad with your family and people around you.