Holi 2024: If you have consumed cannabis on Holi then these home remedies are best to get rid of hangover!



The festival of Holi is celebrated with family and friends, and also by enjoying a variety of dishes and beverages. These include sweets like Gujhiya and Ras Malai as well as drinks like Lassi or Thandai. Many people also consume cannabis during Holi celebrations. However, overcoming the effects of addiction can be challenging. In such a situation, intoxication can hinder the enjoyment of Holi celebrations. Therefore, to celebrate Holi properly, it is better to avoid it.

But if you accidentally consume cannabis or someone gives it to you during a celebration, you can get rid of your addiction using these home remedies. They can help reduce the hangover caused by cannabis to some extent.

Citrus foods:

Citrus foods can help relieve the intoxicating effects of cannabis. Because sour foods contain antioxidants that can neutralize addictive chemicals. For this, you can consume lemon water, orange juice or pickle juice. Soak tamarind and later crush it, mix it with jaggery and consume it. This can also help in calming down.


Ginger can also be beneficial in getting relief from the effects of cannabis intoxication. For this, you can peel the ginger and keep a piece of it in your mouth and chew it slowly or you can also make ginger tea and drink it.

Coconut Water:

Coconut water is also the best option to get relief from the effects of cannabis intoxication. It can help in hydrating the body and relieving the intoxication of cannabis. For this, you can give a cup of fresh coconut water to the affected person.

Desi Ghee:

A small amount of ghee can be given to a highly intoxicated person to relieve his intoxication. This can also help in getting rid of addiction. However, give it in small quantities only.

Remember to use these items in limited quantities, as consuming them in excess can be harmful. Also, if the discomfort is severe, you can consult a specialist.