Holi 2024: If Holi colour gets into your eyes or mouth, take these measures immediately!



The festival of Holi brings happiness with itself. On this occasion, people of all ages do not miss the opportunity to apply colours to each other. However, sometimes it happens that the colour accidentally enters the eyes, ears or mouth. There is always a fear of harm due to the presence of chemicals in colours. Even if you avoid using chemical colours, there is no guarantee that colours brought by others are safe. Therefore, it is advised to take care of ear, eye and mouth protection while playing Holi.

People also wonder what will happen if the colour accidentally gets into the mouth and what immediate steps should be taken when the colour gets into different parts of the body. Here, we are going to share some tips, which if followed can ensure your safety to a great extent.


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What will happen if Holi colours enter the mouth?

The biggest drawback of Holi colours is the presence of chemicals in them. It has been seen that if they accidentally enter the stomach through the mouth, it can cause vomiting. Besides, the taste in the mouth also gets spoiled. After playing Holi, people use dirty hands to eat something. The colours of Holi enter the body in some way or the other. Experts recommend avoiding swallowing Holi colours even accidentally. If it gets into the mouth, rinse immediately. Also, after playing Holi, wash your hands thoroughly before eating anything. Apart from this, you can also gargle with water.

If Holi colours accidentally enter the eyes, it may cause burning or itching. To make colours attractive, various chemicals or other substances are added to them. While playing Holi, most people forget that colour can accidentally enter the eyes. If someone accidentally gets a colour in his eyes, he should immediately wash it with cold water. If there is a burning sensation even after splashing cold water, use rose water. Rose water provides coolness to the eyes. Remember not to rub the eyes after colouring, as this may increase itching or burning.


Holi colours in the ears:

Experts say that if Holi colours enter the ears, the risk of infection increases. While playing Holi, if dry colour accidentally goes into the ear, then immediately shake it downwards. This may remove the colour and if the color still remains in the ears then use earbuds. If there is pain or burning sensation even after removing the colour from the ear, consult a doctor or specialist for treatment.