Holi 2024: Do this before playing Holi with colors, the glow of your face will not diminish.


 Holi, the festival of colors, will be celebrated with great pomp across the country on Sunday and Monday. The tradition of applying colors while celebrating this festival is quite old. People also used colors made from chemicals during this time. Due to this, people have to face many types of skin-related problems.

Today we are going to tell you a solution, if adopted, colors will not have much effect on the skin. Before playing Holi with colors, you should apply oil on your skin. Harmful colors of Holi penetrate deep into the skin and cause rashes and other skin-related problems. To avoid these, apply oil on your skin.

By doing this, the oil creates a barrier between the skin and the colors. For this reason, Holi colors do not penetrate the skin. To do this remedy you should use coconut or almond oil.

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