Holi 2024: Do not do this even by mistake before playing Holi, otherwise the glow of your face will reduce.


People are eagerly waiting for the festival of colors, Holi. People celebrate this festival by applying colors to each other. There is a different glow in the country on the occasion of this festival. Due to the colors of the festival of Holi, people may have to face many types of skin-related problems.

Today we are going to give you information about an important thing regarding Holi. With this, you can avoid skin-related problems during the festival of Holi. Women should not do makeup before playing Holi. To enjoy Holi as much as possible, one should leave makeup for a day. Applying makeup on the skin can clog its pores.


Due to this, one may have to face problems like rashes, rashes and irritation. At the same time, it is difficult for colors to come off the skin due to makeup. For this reason, you should not make the mistake of doing makeup before playing Holi.

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