Holi 2024: Bring these things to your home on the day of Holi, happiness, peace and prosperity will remain!


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Holi, a major and exciting festival in the Hindu religion, is celebrated with enthusiasm across the country. Holika Dahan is done before the day of Holi, which symbolizes the victory of good by burning evil. This year, the festival of Holi is on March 25 and Holika Dahan will take place on March 24. It is one thing that on the day of Holi or before, people do some shopping in their homes, which brings them happiness and prosperity.

Here are some things that are bought on or before Holi and which are believed to bring prosperity as per the beliefs:

Vandanwar or Toran: There is a tradition of placing Vandanwar on the main entrance of the house, which is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. It keeps the house protected and auspicious.

Aquarium: Keep an aquarium in the north or northeast direction of the house as it is considered the place of Lord Kuber. This maintains happiness and prosperity in the house.

Bamboo Plant: There is a tradition of bringing a bamboo plant into the house, which is considered to bring good luck happiness and prosperity.

Silver Coin: Silver coins should be bought on the day of Holi which provides relief from financial problems.

Metal Tortoise: It is considered auspicious to buy a metal tortoise and bring it home on the day of Holi. In this, keep in mind that Shriyantra and Kuber Yantra must be written on the back of the turtle.

Bringing these things home brings happiness to the entire family and brings prosperity to their lives.