Holi 2023: You can also clean the color applied on the floor and other places of the house, you will have to do this work


The festival of Holi has started today. Holi will be played for the next 3 days. People will apply color, gulal, and feed each other sweets. But the biggest problem you will have is how you will get rid of the paint spread on the floor of your house. In such a situation, we are telling you some tips. 

If the color of Holi is applied on the floor, ceiling, and furniture of your house with baking soda and water and it is not getting cleaned, then you have to take some baking soda and add water to itAfter this, you can get rid of this color with its paste.


Along with this, you can also clean the stains on the floor and other places with the help of soap soaked brush. Along with this, you can also use Nan polish remover to remove the color from TV and furniture.