Holi 2023: The way to play Holi in old clothes is to change, this idea will give a festive look


Even today, some age-old methods are being adopted in India to celebrate Holi. From eating pakodas and gujiyas to wearing old clothes on this day, the ritual is still followed. But this picture has changed in the city and many rural areas. Now people like to follow fashion tips for a festive look on Holi. People living in society organize everything from dress codes to special programs. Even if the dress code is not necessary, but now people have risen above the idea of playing Holi in old clothes. Do you also want to get caught in the public eye with this Holi festive look? Let us tell you some fashion tips.


Look stylish like this
On the day of Holi, if you want to look different or want to look stylish, then you should carry an embroidered half jacket on your jumpsuit. By the way, the look of denim shorts on a white t-shirt can also make you attractive. By dressing in this way, you will look both stylish and smart.

Carry ethnic look like this
For an ethnic look, you should wear white coloured outfits on Holi. A colourful dupatta suits well on a white outfit. By the way, you can also wear chikankari, salwar kameez, sharara and white saree. A multi-coloured half jacket on a white kurti will work to add charm to the look. These outfits are also comfortable.

Fashion tips for men
Men or boys can carry the fashion of graphic t-shirts during Holi. It is trending and also suitable for celebrations. By the way, denim jeans look fabulous on a white T-shirt and you will be able to mix Holi vibes by wearing them. For an ethnic look, boys can wear a white kurta and pyjamas on this day but don't forget to wear sunglasses.


For shoes
Along with the outfit, it is also important to take care of the footwear. Select such shoes which are comfortable and which are not prone to slip. While playing Holi, there is a fear of harm by wearing slippers or other things. Along with this, it is also important to focus on the hairstyle.