Holi 2023: Is it the first Holi after marriage? Make the festival memorable with your spouse with these romantic ideas...


Holi Celebration 2023: The festival of Holi is a festival of meeting heart to heart, removing grievances, and celebrating anger. In this festival, people express their affection by hugging their friends, relatives, and family members and wishing Holi with the sweetness of Gujiya. Whereas in Holi, they celebrate the festival by applying color to each other. Colorful gulal also brings a tinge of happiness in relationships. For those who are newly married, celebrating every festival for the first time with their spouse is very exciting. But the first Holi after marriage is considered very special. Nothing feels more beautiful than when newly married couples apply gulal to each other and wish Holi. If you are celebrating Holi with your partner for the first time, then you can make Holi memorable by adopting some romantic ideas.


Holi special dish
Delicious dishes are made at any festival. You can make some special breakfast or lunch on the occasion of Holi. Make a dish keeping in mind the choice of the partner. If the first Holi will be with breakfast of your and their choice, then their day will also be made and Holi will be memorable.

Start with color
Start Holi by making your partner feel special. If it is the first Holi after marriage, keep your face colorless for your partner and give them the first chance to color you. Also, start the morning of Holi by coloring their cheeks with gulal.

Dance on holi
There is also fun and dancing on Holi. You can also dance with your partner on the occasion of Holi. Although it is not necessary to dance to the Ulhad songs of Holi, you can also dance with your spouse to slow and romantic music.

Holi gift
To make the first Holi memorable after marriage, you can make your spouse feel special by giving a special gift. The gift should not be expensive, but can be of their choice and need. Whenever he will see that gift, both of you will be reminded of the first Holi.


Spend time together
Before marriage, you must have celebrated Holi many times with your family, friends, and relatives. But it is your first Holi with your spouse after marriage. Keep this in mind and celebrate Holi with your partner this time. After playing colors in the evening, men often get busy with their friends or relatives. But this time support your partner. Host the guests and relatives coming to the house together.