Holi 2023: If the skin has become dry due to the colors of Holi, then hydrate the skin with these Detox Drinks

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Post-Holi Detox: Playing with colors is a lot of fun, but it affects our skin badly. Because of this, the skin becomes dry and lifeless. After Holi, you can improve the health of your skin by drinking these detox drinks.

After Holi Skin Care: Was your Holi fun too? We are sure that you must have had a lot of fun this Holi. While the memories of the festival last for a long time, its effects on the body and skin also last for a long time. Can you still see spots of color on your face, neck, and other parts of the body? Are you also feeling that due to chemical colors, your skin is covered with pimples, pimples, or redness? If so, then now that the festival is over, it is time to make your skin healthy again. Using everyday ingredients, along with a few easy detox drinks, you can heal your damaged skin. Let us see below which these detox drinks.

Drink these 5 detox drinks to make your skin smooth and clear after Holi:

1. Bottle gourd juice:

Nutritionist Anju Sood explains that "Gourd vegetable has a high water content and is rich in vitamins C, K, calcium and zinc." These nutrients are known to balance the oil released from the skin pores. Bottle gourd juice is the perfect juice to cleanse the system right after Holi and prevent skin problems like pimples. You can benefit from its use.

2. Cucumber Juice

HEALTH CARE: Drinking water after eating cucumber causes so much damages to health!

Nutritionist Shilpa Arora explains, "Cucumber juice is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which help prevent and even reduce skin redness, rashes, spots, and swelling." Also, cucumber provides our skin with all the essential elements that help it to look its best.

3. Ginger Lemon Tea

Lemon is known to improve your digestion as well as remove toxins from your body, which also affects your skin. Ginger is loaded with antioxidants that help in increasing blood circulation, along with it helps in clearing the skin, and making it glow.

4. Coconut Water With Lemon And Mint

SKIN CARE: Washing face with coconut water gives so many benefits

Coconut water is super hydrating and provides ample hydration for skin health. Vitamins A, K, and C present in coconut water help in promoting collagen production as well. Collagen is mainly responsible for keeping the skin young and supple. According to the skin, this drink made of lemon and mint leaves works very well for your body and skin.

5. Watermelon Juice

Vitamin A is essential for repairing skin cells after Holi, and watermelon juice can be the best way to get it. Fruit juice also fills our body with Vitamin C, which prompts it to develop collagen for healthy skin.

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