HOLI 2023: Holi colors can also spoil the glow of your face, do this work before applying color


It is the festival of Holi and on this occasion, everyone applies color to you. In such a situation, you cannot refuse anyone. But do you know that sometimes you also get allergic to the colors of Holi? In such a situation, you should use colors on Holi thoughtfully.

What to do

If you are also allergic to the colors of Holi, then you should avoid playing Holi with chemical-rich colors. For this, you should use natural colors only. Also, it should be noted that you do not have to play Holi with watercolors at all. 


Ways of prevention

Before playing Holi, you should apply a good amount of coconut oil to the whole body. Apply oil to your hair too. Also, apply moisturizer. You can also apply homemade face packs to save your face.