Holi 2023: Do these things in skin care two days before Holi, there will be no harm


The use of chemical colors on the skin during Holi is a sign of danger. Before getting immersed in the Holi celebrations, it is better to do some things in skin care. Exactly two days before, you must do these things in skin care.


By the way, the best results can be obtained only after following the routine of skin care. But you can do some things for softness on the skin two days before. To protect the skin from damage on Holi, you should apply things made of honey.

Due to the colors, there can be a complaint of dryness on the skin. In this case, follow the method of ice facial in pre-Holi tips. Simply rub ice cubes on the skin twice a day. You just have to adopt this method for 2 to 3 minutes.

To keep the softness on the skin during Holi, you should use coconut oil. Apply coconut oil on the skin before sleeping at night and after waking up. If you want, you can add drops of essential oil to it.


Before the Holi celebration, the skin should be cleaned or exfoliated once. The dirt, oil and color present in the skin together can cause the problem of pimples. To clean the skin, do scrub with coffee and honey.