Holi 2023: Apart from adding color to Holi, In this way "Thandai" also improves health...


On the day of Holi, people live in the mood of 'Bura Na Mano Holi Hai'. Along with coloring in colors, tasty foods are also enjoyed a lot during the Holi festival. There are some traditional foods without which the celebration of the festival remains incomplete. These include names of tasty foods ranging from Gujiya to Dahi-Vada. How can Thandai be ignored when it comes to making Holi colourful?

Thandai prepared with milk, almonds, cardamom and many types of seeds taste amazing. Most the people mix it with cannabis and drink it. There are also many health benefits of Thandai which adds color to Holi. Let us tell you about the health benefits of cold


Stomach gets cool
On the day of Holi, people make the mistake of eating too much for the fun and because of this, a burning sensation starts in the stomach. This burning sensation can be calmed down with a cold. Or by drinking a glass of thandai at the beginning of the day, the intestines remain cool. Along with this, stomach problems also stay away.

Antioxidant content
Most of the ingredients used to make thandai are known for their benefits. Out of these ingredients, 'fennel seeds' are such ingredients which contain many antioxidants. The properties of these seeds prevent flatulence and decrease body temperature.

Cholesterol level
While making thandai, almonds are also added to enhance the taste. Dry fruit like almonds is also a superfood which sharpens memory as well as keeps cholesterol levels under control because Vitamin E is found in it. Apart from thandai, you can also drink an almond shake or other drinks made from it.


Hydration is maintained
In summer, problems like dehydration, heat stroke, diarrhoea and food poisoning are more troubling. Thandai is effective in getting relief from all these problems. Problems like mouth ulcers can also be relieved by cooling.