Helpline Numbers: Save these 3 important numbers in your mobile today, they will be useful everywhere!


pc: Navbharat Times

We often save the numbers of important people in our speed dial and try to ensure that their numbers remain accessible. Some people also save the number of services they may need, including services from different departments such as the police. Today we are going to share with you three such numbers which you should save on your mobile phone. You may feel the need to use these numbers occasionally, so it is advisable to save them on your phone today.

Online Fraud Complaint Helpline:

In today's digital age, almost every transaction takes place online, whether it is sending money to someone or ordering a TV or refrigerator. However, cybercriminals take advantage of this and engage in online fraud. Almost everyone is a victim of some type of fraud at one time or another. In such a situation, it is necessary to save the number 1930 on your mobile phone. This is a helpline to report online fraud.

Fraud during shopping:

It is generally seen that many types of fraud take place during shopping. Shopkeepers often offer expired items, or they may charge exorbitant prices for products. In such situations, it is advisable to save the number 1915 on your mobile phone. This is the national consumer helpline number, where you can lodge a complaint against any shopkeeper or store.

Complaints of bribery:

It is often seen that when you go to a government office to get work done, a bribe is demanded. Many tasks cannot be completed without giving a bribe. In such cases, you can lodge a complaint by dialling 1064. This is the anti-corruption helpline number, which you should save on your mobile phone today itself. This number will come in handy when needed.