Heatwave Precautions: Take special care of your health in summer, and stay safe with the help of these tips...


Heatwave Precautions: As soon as the beginning of March, there is a sudden rise in temperature in some parts of the country. Looking at the continuously rising temperature for some time, it is being said that this time there is going to be severe heat. In such a situation, a heatwave advisory has also been issued by the Union Health Ministry to keep people safe from the scorching heat. Under this advisory, the Ministry of Health has issued some important guidelines to prevent the effects of extreme heat. Let us know about these effective ways to avoid heatwaves-


Keep the body hydrated
Due to the lack of water, the problem of dehydration often starts in the summer season. Because of this, a person becomes vulnerable to many diseases. In such a situation, if you want to save yourself from the scorching heat, then it is important to keep yourself fully hydrated. For this, consume maximum water and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Apart from this, drink drinks like lemon water, and lassi. Take ORS if needed.

Avoid sun exposure
To protect yourself from diseases occurring in the summer season, it is necessary to avoid eating high-protein food. Also, do not go out in the sun from 12 noon to 3 pm. Apart from this, wear thin, loose, and light-colored cotton clothes.

Avoid tea, coffee
To avoid heatwave, avoid alcohol, tea, coffee, and carbonated soft drinks or beverages with high sugar content. Apart from this, avoid eating high-protein food and stale food.

Avoid spicy food
To avoid heatwave, stay away from spicy food as well. Also, try to consume a more and more plant-based diet this season and include fresh fruit and vegetable juices in your diet. Along with this, keep the doors and windows of the sun-facing side closed during the day and open them at night so that fresh air can enter.


Make distance from non-vegetarian food
To stay safe in the summer season, reduce the intake of non-vegetarian food. It takes a long time to digest such food, due to which dehydration can occur in the body. Due to delayed digestion of food, body heat increases, which leads to dehydration.