Heat Wave: Try these measures to avoid heat waves, you will remain healthy even in extreme heat!


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This time the heat has started showing its wrath from the very beginning. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has already issued a warning regarding this. It is being said that this time there will be severe heat from April to June. There is a possibility of heat waves in many parts of the country. Temperatures may exceed 40 degrees Celsius in many parts. In such a situation, attention should be paid to protection from heat stroke. Otherwise, a person may fall ill due to heatstroke. Let us know some effective tips to avoid heat stroke...

Stay hydrated:

The risk of dehydration increases during summer. Therefore, drink water regularly to keep the body hydrated. Try to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day during this season. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Avoid going out:

If you want to avoid heat stroke, then avoid going out unnecessarily. Stay indoors with fans, coolers or ACs. If these things are not available at home then use curtains or shades. This can save you from the serious dangers of heatwaves.


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Try to avoid sun rays:

Whenever there is a heat wave, avoid direct exposure to sunlight. If you have to go out for any reason, do not forget to wear a hat, scarf and sunglasses. Wear light-coloured loose clothes which can protect the skin and avoid heatstroke.

Avoid excessive physical activity:

Try to avoid excessive physical activity during heat and heat waves. Because doing excessive workouts in hot weather can increase the body temperature. This may increase the risk of heatstroke.

Avoid going out on an empty stomach:

If the heat is intense outside, never go out of the house on an empty stomach. Doing this can cause dizziness due to heat and sunlight. Therefore, whenever you leave the house, eat something before leaving. So that you can avoid problems.