Heat Stroke Death: Due to heat, the condition of North India is so bad!


Heat Stroke Death: Due to heat, the condition of North India is so bad that you don't even ask. The heat waves feel as if embers are raining. The uncontrollable heat has taken the lives of more than 120 people in Uttar Pradesh this year. Five people have also died in Delhi in the last 72 hours. I don't know the circumstances of other deaths due to heat in UP, but after knowing about one, it felt that perhaps humanity has also been burnt to ashes in the fire raining from the sky.


He kept writhing in pain, GRP inspector kept making videos

The incident took place at Kanpur Central, one of the five central railway stations of the country. Head constable Brij Kishore Singh, posted in the police line, had reached the station after taking a three-day leave. He had to go to his home in Jhansi. It was afternoon, meaning the heat was intense. Singh had just entered the campus of Kanpur Central when he started feeling dizzy. He fainted and fell down there.

The news about Singh lying unconscious reached the Government Railway Police (GRP). A sub-inspector came but instead of providing first aid to Singh, he took out his mobile from his pocket and started making a video. When one angle did not look right, he made a video from another angle,

During this, Singh Sahab kept gasping for breath. The people present there cursed him a little and the inspector took Singh to the hospital. By then it was too late. Singh had died of heat stroke and perhaps his humanity too. The video on social media is so insensitive that we cannot even show it to you. Zee News does not confirm the viral video.

What should the common citizen expect...

It seems very inhuman that a uniformed person behaves like this even after finding another uniformed person unconscious! What evidence was the GRP inspector trying to gather by making the video that he did not even think of helping the policeman in pain? Thanks to the passengers present at the spot, who showed some courage and reminded the inspector of his 'duty'.

Those who were eyewitnesses must have put themselves in the shoes of the dying BK Singh and thought for a moment! Then the realization of the reality must have made them shiver even in the scorching heat. When a policeman does not care about the life of another policeman, then what can a common citizen do?

Humanity is not the duty of any one person!

After watching this video of Kanpur, people are now angry on social media. Some say that a murder case should be registered against those who are making the video. Some people are of the opinion that the concerned policemen should be suspended. Some are appealing for Kali Yuga. The truth is that more or less similar comments come on every such incident.

People portray themselves as morally superior on social media but in reality, they themselves are part of the crowd that watches and records the spectacle but does not help. Why? Is humanity the responsibility of a single person? God forbid, but try putting yourself in the place of that helpless and suffering person, humanity will appear in the form of fear.