Heart Problems: Not only heart attack but chest pain also occurs due to these reasons, identify this way


Heart Attack Symptoms: After Sushmita Sen's heart attack, the discussion about heart diseases has once again started all over the country. Doctors are more worried that the youth are victims of heart attacks. At the same time, doctors have also warned the youth and other sections about the fact that chest pain is a symptom of a heart attack. But it doesn't need to be a heart attack. Sometimes there is no heart attack and chest pain is also due to other problems. All the symptoms of a heart attack should be taken care of. Will try to know such symptoms. Even if there is no heart attack, even then there is a pain in the chest.


Symptoms of heart attack
It is important to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack. Some symptoms of the heart are also specific. For example, if we look at the symptoms of a heart attack, then there is a feeling of uneasiness in the chest, feeling of pressure in the chest, pain going up to the shoulder, difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath even after doing a little work, sweating together. , vomiting and feeling dizzy.

Symptoms if there is no heart attack
It is not that chest pain occurs only after a heart attack. Symptoms can appear even if there is no heart attack. Even if there is a serious problem of acidity, there may be a pain in the chest. Pain on coughing, difficulty in swallowing, and pain for several hours continuously is also not considered a symptom of a heart attack. Apart from this, chest pain can also occur due to neuropathic pain, and lung problems.


What to do for protection?
Symptoms of a heart attack sometimes start appearing a month in advance. If there is a pain in the chest, difficulty in breathing, or pain in the back of the shoulder, it should not be taken lightly. For this, the doctor should be seen immediately. If sour belching is coming and there is a pain in the chest. If there is a complaint of heartburn, then medicine should be taken for acidity. Despite this, if the problem persists, then the doctor should be seen.