Heart Problem: Be careful! This bad sleep will make the heart sick, revealed in a study on 3 lakh people


Heart Attack Symptoms: Celebrities got heart attacks. Much such news has come to the fore. Sushmita Sen's recent heart attack and angioplasty are in the headlines. Sushmita Sen has been the youth icon of the country. In such a situation, having a heart-related problem at such a young age is a matter of concern for all. Doctors say that there is no one specific reason behind heart disease. Many other reasons are hidden. For example, a bad lifestyle, and wrong eating is seen as a big danger. Apart from this, anxiety and depression are also major reasons for heart attacks. At the same time, having bad sleep can also cause heart-related problems. Recently a study was also done regarding this.


This came to the fore in a study on 3 lakh people
A research was published in BMC Medicine magazine. According to the report, data from over 300,000 middle-aged adults from the UK Biobank was collected. Everyone's data was looked at seriously. It was revealed that researchers from the University of Southern Denmark and the University of Sydney found that people who get healthy sleep. Their heart remains better than those people, whose sleep is disturbed.

These people are at greater risk
It was revealed in the study that people who sleep poorly. In these, lack of sleep, insomnia, snoring, late going to bed and daytime sleepiness are associated with heart problems in both men and women.

The risk of these diseases increases with increasing age
Research has revealed that people get poor sleep over time. As age moves from adult to old age. The condition of sleep starts deteriorating. Sleep Apnea is a disease related to sleep. In old age, this disease takes its toll. People who are victims of this disease. They are at a very high risk of getting heart disease.


Study done like this
The team divided the participants up to the age of 40 into 3 categories in terms of sleep. It was seen that some people were sleeping very badly. Some were getting too much and some healthy sleep. Among these, heart-related problems were seen more in those people who were getting very little sleep. The special thing is that this study was done for two years. The gold pattern was also noticed in all these.