Heart Attack: Is a heart attack coming or not? Find out like this through a blood test!


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A particular protein in the blood can help determine when a heart attack is likely to occur in the future. The most amazing aspect is that this test can detect heart attacks as early as six months in advance.

This research was conducted on 169,000 individuals, whose blood samples were taken. None of the participants had ever experienced heart disease. Of those, 420 individuals suffered heart attacks within six months.


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During investigation, such molecules were found in the blood which clearly showed that he was going to have a heart attack. For information, let us tell you that the molecule is a protein which is formed when the pressure increases on the heart cells.

Good and bad cholesterol levels can also be determined through an online tool. This device can also easily estimate waist circumference.


pc: abplive

Using this device, the risk of heart attack can be determined within six months. This means that whether a person is likely to have a heart attack in the future can be easily determined.