Heart Attack: 40 plus women be careful! highest risk of heart attack..


Heart Attack: Many cases of heart attack have come to the fore in the last few days. Heart attack is not only making the elderly but also the youth its victims. Recently, Miss Universe Sushmita Sen also had a heart attack. Former world beauty Sushmita Sen, considered a youth icon, is a fitness freak, but everyone was surprised to hear this news about her. Please tell me that Sushmita Sen is 40 plus. According to health experts, due to busy lifestyles and stress, heart-related problems are increasing in women.


40 plus women are more at risk
Recently, research was done regarding heart attacks, in which very shocking facts came to the fore. This research has been told on the John Hopkins Medicine website. It has been revealed in the study that the cases of heart attack have also increased in young women. The highest risk has also been seen in women aged 33 to 54 years. Women whose age has crossed 40. Heart-related problems have been seen more in them.

Take these steps
If you have a problem with blood pressure, then control it immediately. This condition can be controlled by improving diet and sleep. Keep checking the cholesterol in the body from time to time. Bad cholesterol should not increase. Due to this, fat accumulates in the coronary artery. Rescue it immediately.

Say no to smoking
Nowadays women in urban areas are giving preference to alcohol and smoking. This can cause heart-related problems. It is necessary to understand the problems of the heart. Its routine checkup should be done.

Get over these symptoms
increased heart rate
shortness of breath
feeling anxious
Unexplained upset stomach from a few days back
include feeling weak
healthy lifestyle

According to health experts, you should follow a healthy lifestyle routine in a life full of stress and tension. Along with this, checkups should also be done from time to time with the doctor.