HEALTHY TIPS: Do you also sleep with mouth taping? Then read the matter of work


It is often seen that some people put a drop on their mouth for good sleep at night and using tape on their mouth while sleeping is called mouth taping, but does this give good sleep, we are going to answer this question. If you breathe through your nose while sleeping at night, then its benefits are that breathing through your nose produces nitric oxide which lowers your blood pressure.


  • Mouth breathing can dry out your mouth
  • Bad breath increases when you breathe through your mouth and there is a problem of swelling of the gums.
  • There is a fear of bacteria coming in while breathing through the mouth.


What is dangerous mouth taping

If you do mouth taping, then know that if the method of taping on the mouth is not right, then it can be dangerous for you. It cannot be said about sleeping by mouth taping that it can be dangerous but it can create health issues. does.