HEALTHY TIPS: Do not eat these three things after being constipated, otherwise the problem will increase


It is common to have the problem of constipation, and if you have the same problem, then your whole day gets spoiled, you are not able to do anything, and you will be sitting in the toilet for hours, but if you want relief from constipation, then we are your Can help You can overcome the problem of constipation with the help of your food, you do not need to take medicine.



Cumin can not solve your constipation problem, its texture is dry and it absorbs the moisture of the stomach, so if you do not use cumin


Curd improves digestion, but if you have a problem with constipation, then you should not consume curd. Do not consume curd during constipation.



If you have the problem of constipation, then do not consume caffeine even by mistake, it can increase the problem of your constipation, in such a situation, you should not consume caffeine.