Healthy Living: Women have more thyroid problems than men. Know how to control..


Thyroid: The thyroid gland is a small butterfly-shaped gland in our neck. It produces thyroid hormones, which play an important role in the functioning of our body. In particular, they control the rate at which our body works and burns energy. According to health experts, it is not easy to treat thyroid dysfunction. But do you know that women have 5 to 8 per cent more thyroid problems than men? But what is the reason for this? Today in this article, we will tell you why thyroid problem occurs in women.


Estrogen hormone more in women
Mugdha Pradhan, Functional Nutritionist and Founder and CEO of iThrive, says that estrogen hormone is more in women. Fluctuations in the levels of estrogen and progesterone also bring about significant changes in hormonal effects which can also adversely affect thyroid function.

Pregnancy also cause
Women have to put a lot of stress on their bodies due to pregnancy. Along with this, its effect is also seen in thyroid hormones. Many women develop thyroid problems after pregnancy. Apart from this, many such beauty care products are used, which contain all kinds of chemicals. These things cause a lot of problems in the endocrine, due to which there is a risk of the thyroid.

Stress is also a reason
According to Mugdha Pradhan, the nature of women is soft. Most women keep their feelings suppressed instead of expressing them openly. This increases their internal stress which can increase the level of cortisol and cause thyroid problems. However, some people do not believe much in this.

How to control thyroid
Stay away from caffeine: If the amount of thyroid in your body has increased, then immediately make a distance from things containing caffeine. Yes, thyroid patients should not consume tea, coffee, soda and chocolate.


Avoid dairy products: People suffering from hyperthyroid should not consume foods that increase thyroid hormones. For this, you should avoid consuming milk, dairy, products, cheese, iodized salt etc.