Health: Why do pimples appear before and after periods? Know here!


Health: Why do pimples appear before and after periods? Know here!


Women experience a variety of hormonal changes during their periods, which often lead to severe mood swings. Before and after periods, women may face various discomforts like stomach cramps, back pain, body aches, headache, swelling in legs and anxiety. Also, during this period, women may also see many changes in their bodies. Periods are a natural process that occurs every month, although some people may experience delayed or premature periods. Apart from all the inconveniences, women often notice pimples on their faces before and after periods. Let us understand the connection between periods and pimples.

There can be many reasons behind the appearance of pimples on the face. During periods, swelling increases in the body of women, which causes redness and itching on the face, which increases the chances of getting pimples. Also, during periods, the androgen hormone increases in the body, which can also cause pimples on the face. Especially before periods start, the levels of estrogen and progesterone decrease, due to which pimples start appearing on your face. Apart from this, some people experience more stress during this period, which can also lead to the problem of pimples.


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Women should take special care of these things during periods:

Diet and lifestyle changes: Women often experience significant changes in their diet and lifestyle before and during periods, which can lead to pimples. During this period, it is important to avoid junk food, fast food, alcohol and cigarettes. Consuming any of these things during this time can naturally cause pimples.

Pain relievers: Some women experience unbearable pain during periods and to get relief from it, they resort to pain relievers. However, these medicines can sometimes cause pimples to appear. If you experience severe pain during this time, you can try some home remedies instead of medication for relief, such as drinking fennel seeds, and ginger tea, exercising or using a hot water bottle.