Health: WHO warns salt is white poison, it is safe to eat only this much salt in a day


What does the WHO report say
A recent WHO report came out because of World Salt Awareness Week. It was told that by eating more salt, about 70 lakh people can die in 7 years due to diseases caused by salt. In such a situation, by 2030, people should reduce 30% of salt from their food, otherwise, it will invite fatal diseases.


How much salt to eat daily
Now the question must be arising in your mind how much salt should we eat in 1 day, which is good according to health, then according to WHO, people are eating around 10.8 grams of salt daily. This is many times more than the body needs. We should eat only 5 grams i.e. one small teaspoon of salt every day. It contains about 2.3 grams of sodium, which is essential for our body.

Symptoms of eating too much salt
1. Swelling in the stomach, face, hands and feet and other parts of the body.
2. High blood pressure problem.
3. Throat dryness and thirst.
4. Sudden rapid increase in weight.
5. Not being able to sleep at night and feeling restless.
6. Feeling weak during physical activity.


Diseases caused by eating too much salt
1. Swelling in the kidney.
2. Hair loss.
3. Increase in water retention in the body.
4. Weak bones or having the problem of osteoporosis.
5. Problems like heart disease, paralysis, high blood pressure and stroke.