Health Updates: What is Flesh-Eating Bacteria?


An outbreak of a rare flash-eating bacteria is spreading rapidly in Japan, creating an atmosphere of panic in the country. This bacteria causes   Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome (STSS), which can cause a life-threatening condition for the patient in a very short time.

According to experts, the patient can die within 48 hours of getting infected with this disease. By June 2024, 977 cases of STSS have already been reported in Japan this year, which is more than the 941 cases reported in the whole of last year. This raises further concerns because according to Japan's National Institute of Infectious Diseases,  if the cases continue to increase at this pace, then 2500 cases of STSS can be reported in the country this year. At the same time, there is a risk of mortality rate from the disease reaching 30%.

Cases rise after easing of Covid restrictions?

Some experts believe that STSS cases are increasing in Japan since restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic have been relaxed. However, there is no concrete evidence of this yet.

What are the symptoms? 

The initial symptoms of STSS can be flu-like, including fever, muscle aches, and sore throat. But symptoms can then rapidly become more severe, including high fever, a drop in blood pressure, redness of the skin, and the appearance of dead tissue. 

How to protect yourself? 

Right now there is not much information about this bacteria. But to prevent it, washing your hands regularly and keeping any kind of wound clean can prove to be quite effective. Apart from this, if symptoms of infection appear, contact the doctor immediately.