Health Updates: Think 100 times before drinking energy drinks!


To boost the body's energy, people often resort to energy drinks, but recent research has found that these drinks can cause fatal diseases.


People often resort to energy drinks to boost their body's energy, but recent research has found that these drinks can cause life-threatening diseases. These drinks often contain very high amounts of sugar and caffeine. Doctors say that this can cause serious problems like sudden heart attack, which requires immediate treatment.

While a cup of coffee contains 100mg of caffeine, energy drinks contain 80mg to 300mg of caffeine. They also contain ingredients like taurine and guarana, which are believed to affect heart rate, blood pressure, and other functions of the heart.

Data collected from 144 patients

Researchers at the American Mayo Clinic studied the data of 144 patients who survived a heart attack. Of these, 7 people (aged 20 to 42 years) had consumed energy drinks shortly before the incident. Of these, 6 people were given electric shock for treatment and one needed CPR.

Expert statement

Peter Schwartz of the Center for Cardiac Arrhythmias of Genetic Origin and Laboratory of Cardiovascular Genetics in Milan, Italy, wrote in his report that some people may say that this is just a coincidence. We and Mayo Clinic both know that it is not yet clearly proven that energy drinks are the cause of serious heart disease, but further investigation is necessary on this.

How do caffeine and sugar in energy drinks affect the body?

Dr. Belinda Griffiths of the Fleet Street Clinic in London says that caffeine increases the heart rate, sharpens the brain, and drives away sleep. A small amount of caffeine can also be beneficial for adults. Studies show that 2 or more cups of coffee a day (depending on the amount of caffeine) can be beneficial for heart disease. But, the amount of refined sugar found in energy drinks is not healthy at all. Griffiths says that we should avoid it. We get enough sugar from food and drinks. This increases blood sugar, provides energy for a short time, and then there is a sudden drop, which can spoil the mood and make you feel more hungry.

London-based nutritionist Benny Robinson recommends giving up energy drinks and drinking fizzy water instead. She says that we should not depend on energy drinks for energy. I advise people to drink filtered water - this is what gives us energy. Excessive consumption of energy drinks leads to caffeine, artificial flavors, and sweeteners entering the body, which can affect our energy and intestines.