Health Updates: Know How To Control High Sugar!


How To Control High Sugar: Along with a healthy and balanced diet, eating at the right time is also very important in diabetes. Especially delay in dinner increases blood sugar rapidly.


Dinner plays an important role in controlling diabetes. In such a situation, healthy food at the right time helps in keeping the blood sugar level balanced. At the same time, eating late or unhealthy food can increase the sugar level rapidly. You can know about what time a diabetic patient should eat at night with the help of this article.

Best time for dinner

While there are no set recommendations on exact meal times, a study on patients with type 2 diabetes found that eating dinner within two hours of bedtime was associated with obesity and poor blood sugar control.

In such a situation, some health experts advise diabetes patients to eat between 7-9. Actually, eating early gives the body more time to digest food overnight, which keeps blood sugar under control.

Why avoid late night meals?

Eating late slows down digestion, which takes more time for the body to regulate blood sugar levels. This can negatively affect morning blood sugar levels. Apart from this, there is a risk of weight gain and difficulty in sleeping.

take care of these things too

Include protein and fiber rich food in dinner which helps in keeping the stomach full for a long time. Also avoid eating sweet and processed foods. It is always considered good for health to choose light and easily digestible foods at night. 

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